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Car and work-related accidents are two common causes of spine injury, and can leave you with life-changing injuries that will need lifelong medical care. The range of severity with spinal injuries is much more severe than in other parts of the body, and can vary from minor pain when moving or lifting objects to paralysis and problems with mobility. If your spine accident was caused by another party, or negligence on the part of your employer, then you will need to file a compensation claim. This process is best done with the assistance of a legal specialist in spine injuries in Glendale.

spine injuries in glendale

How Was Your Injury Caused?

Injuries to the spine are caused when there is a trauma to the back of your body. They occur frequently in car accidents, when the spine can be very badly damaged, and they can also occur in work-related situations such as falling in a warehouse, being hit with a forklift, being injured by someone else behaving foolishly, and generally by a negligence by your employer which has allowed you to become injured. if the injury was not your fault, and was not caused by your behavior, then you may be eligible for compensation. At work, you can claim workers’ compensation from your employer, and may be able to sue other individuals (forklift driver, careless colleague) privately for a contribution to your medical bills. The amount of compensation that you receive will depend very much upon what type of injury you received, and the level of negligence associated with it.

Is Your Compensation Claim Valuable?

If you have received treatment for your spinal injury already, it is likely that your main concern is with covering the medical costs associated with your injury. You may even be worried that your spine injury is not worth very much, and that you will not receive sufficient funds to pay those hospital bills. The value of your compensation claim will depend upon several factors, including the severity of the injury, the costs of treating the problem and long-term prognosis, and the seriousness of the negligence from your employer or the other driver. In addition, costs will vary depending upon your actions (comparative fault), the recklessness of the other person’s actions, the objective findings concerning your medical needs, and your medical history. Understanding all these factors, and how they relate to your situation can be difficult for the layperson, which is why a compensation lawyer is needed to explain each factor involved in the compensation claim.

Find A Suitable Legal Team Today

After you have suffered a serious spinal injury, you will need to cover your medical bills with the help of a compensation claim. To succeed in this and achieve a full settlement, you will benefit from the assistance of a legal expert in seeking compensation for spine injuries in Glendale. ODG Law Group are here to help you with making your claim today, so simply send us an online message, or call (818) 973-3080 now to start the process.

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