Significant Role of an Advocate in Your Injury Case

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, the least you expect it, catching you off-guard. You don’t know what to do and who to turn to. Just thinking of the costs of the medical bills makes it emotionally, physically, and financially burdensome. You need a reliable injury lawyer in LA to help you get hold of the person accountable for your injury. That person must have the ability, knowledge, and skills to win your case. 

Injury Lawyer in LA

What Can the Personal Injury Lawyer Do to Help You?

A personal injury lawyer can do several things to help you establish a strong lawsuit against the negligent person that led the accident, which caused you harm and injury. Besides, his perseverance and expertise can win your case. The following are what a personal injury lawyer can do:

Investigating and Gathering Pieces of Evidence

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer’s work starts by investing and gathering pieces of evidence crucial to establishing a strong case. The documentation is likewise important should the injured victim (plaintiff) file a case against the liable party (defendant). Investigation and collecting of evidence include:

  • Taking shots of the damaged property
  • Speaking to witnesses for additional information regarding the incident
  • Collecting employment documents and
  • Collecting accident report 
  • Collecting medical reports, medical records, and bills
  • Obtaining police reports, witness testimonials, and surveillance footage
  • Acquiring property damage reports 

Dealing with Insurance Companies  

You’ll need a skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to deal with insurance companies. These companies will reduce your claim or, worse, decline it. They have their own lawyers to contest your evidence to keep them from paying you. 

They can do anything to an injured victim who has no legal representation. Claims adjusters will present you with a low-ball offer thinking that you’ll grab it because you need money. Also, they presume that you don’t know the real value of your claim. When you have an expert personal injury lawyer by your side, the insurance company will think twice before they offer you a settlement or decline your claim.  

Conducting Discovery

Discovery allows parties to identify what evidence might be presented before the trial starts. It aims to avoid “trial by ambush,” where the other party doesn’t know of the other party’s witnesses or evidence until court proceedings. 

A personal injury lawyer may initiate the discovery process. It includes:

  • Testifying the parties
  • Attesting witnesses and experts
  • Sending queries to the defendant for specific information

Arrangement for Pleadings

A lawsuit starts when the plaintiff files a complaint. The initial step prompts what is called as the pleadings stage of the suit. These are particular formal documents brought to the court that articulate the parties’ primary positions. It includes:


Also called petition or bill, complaint is the most significant pleading in a civil case because it expresses the issues of the case. It involves different counts, such as distinct statements of the liable party’s cause of action. This emphasizes the lawsuit’s factual and legal basis.


The defendant’s statement demonstrates why the plaintiff must not overrule. It might also provide supplementary facts or plead an excuse. 


Any party in the lawsuit may have to file a reply. This is the response or answer to new arguments raised in pleadings.


The defendant can counterclaim the plaintiffs claim. This conveys that the plaintiff somehow caused injury to the defendant, and must pay damages. The counterclaim may be filed individually or as part of the answer. 

If the defendant filed a counterclaim, the plaintiff will be given the chance to retort by filing a reply. 

Legal Representation at Trial

It is a commonplace that most personal injury claim becomes settled even before it goes to court. But, if the case resorts to court proceedings, the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer represents his client. He will fight for his client’s right and contends like what other lawyers do. 

Analyzing Damages

An injured victim just think of the primary effect of the accident  which are medical expenses, repairs, or insurance claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can analyze short and long-term implications of the accident on a standard basis in a number of various cases.  

He help clients in producing a genuine and factual evaluation of immediate and long-term  damages. It includes loss of earning capacity or examining the lasting effect, if some impairment has occurred.

Assists in Different Legal Processes

There are instances when a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer dispute a resolution system, such as arbitration. He presents the case of his client before the arbitrator. Likewise, he may assist in negotiating an out-of-court arrangement with the liable party or the insurance company. 

Hiring the Right Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Case

If you or your loved one suffers injury because of accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a case against the liable party. Call the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group to help you with your case. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are available to help you. We have been continuously fighting for our clients and winning their cases since 2011.

Reach out to us today and dial (818) 975-3080 for a free evaluation of your case. You can also send as an email for any inquiries regarding your case. We work on a contingency fee basis. 

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