Injuries Due to Repetitive Job Duties

You work hard at your job. You take pride in what you do. It puts food on your table and enables you to live your life. Maybe you don’t make as much money as you’d like, but you wake up every morning to do your best. Over time, you may have a few aches and pains from your job, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Then, maybe after a while or maybe all at once, you’re in a lot of pain. Now, you really can’t do your job much at all. People suffer injuries due to repetitive job duties every day. Should this happen to you, turn to our law firm to get the compensation you deserve.

Kinds of Injuries Due to Repetitive Job Duties

Depending on your job, you’ll suffer different kinds of injuries due to repetitive job duties. The administrative worker could develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all day long, every day. The warehouse worker could develop back pain from lifting crates or other objects over their head every day, and then knee pain from having to take them somewhere. Too often, people just overlook their own injuries, thinking it’s “part of the job.” That’s not the case. You shouldn’t have to be harmed to make a living. When these injuries occur, you need a law firm by your side.

Injuries Due to Repetitive Job Duties

Carpal Tunnel Injuries and More

Here at the ODG Law Group, we’ve helped people to receive compensation for injuries due to repetitive job duties for many years. These kinds of cases take particular attorneys who are familiar with these kinds of laws to win. Attorneys that just deal in personal injuries don’t always have the answers for these kinds of cases. Typically, insurance companies and your employers will do everything they can to make sure that you won’t receive compensation for these claims. We can guide you every step of the way so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

Cumulative Trauma Injuries

We understand how challenging the workers’ comp situation in California can be. There’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of stress, and a lot of uncertainty. That’s one of the main reasons to hire attorneys to deal with your case. When you suffer from injuries due to repetitive job duties, the last thing you need in your life is more stress. You have to focus on your recovery. You need to do everything you can to recover and get better for the people in your life. When you hire our law firm, you give yourself the best chance to recover.

Workers’ Comp Attorneys

When you suffer an injury from doing the same repetitive job duty over and over again, it’s not your fault. You’re just doing your job to the best of your ability. You shouldn’t be on the hook for all of the medical payments and everything else that results from your injury. We understand how financially challenging this time can be, that’s why we work on a contingency basis. To see how we can help, send us a message through our site or call us at (818) 975-3080.

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