How Work Injuries Happen and What You Can Do

Do you know what to do in the event of a back injury on the job? Do you know how they can occur and how you can keep them from happening? The truth is that, unfortunately, back injuries can happen in just about any kind of workplace at any time. You can take steps to minimize them, yes, but there’s only so much you can do. However, if you do suffer an injury, we can help. A Los Angeles back injury lawyer from our team can take your case and help you to receive as much compensation as possible. 

Back Injury Lawyer: How Back Injuries Occur at Work 

The stereotype for a back injury at work is usually something that happens on a construction site, a worker falling from a great height and being injured. However, you don’t have to be at a construction site to have suffered such an injury, nor do you need to have fallen from such a great height. 

For example, we have plenty of clients who didn’t fall from scaffolding – they fell down a couple stairs. They tripped over something on the carpet and fell that way. Any trip can become an injury, as can being struck by anything. This is one reason why even if you don’t think that you suffered a bad injury (to your back or elsewhere) always make sure to get yourself checked out. You don’t want to think that “you’re fine” and then go back to work only to find that there were real, lasting concerns. 

Back Injury Lawyer

Most Common Types of Back Injuries 

Should you slip, fall, or injure your back in some way at work, hopefully, you’re fine. Hopefully, at worst, it’s some kind of sprain, strain or the like. In these injuries, your ligaments, muscles, and similar are just hurt – they aren’t torn, or anything of that nature. The diagnosis for this is usually resting, not doing much in the way of difficult activity, and the like. You may be prescribed some kind of anti-inflammatory or something similar, so, again, it’s always worth getting checked out by a medical professional. 

If you do suffer a bit more of an injury, then you may have a herniated disc. To simplify your anatomy, there are discs in between your spine’s vertebrae. Should these be damaged, it can lead to any number of problems. You may need physical therapy, surgery, and so forth. Speaking of these discs, they can actually deteriorate over a period of time. This can be treated through all kinds of therapy, injections, medications, and more. 

Spinal fractures are an all-too-common form of back injury that could result in permanent disabilities. No matter what kind of injury you suffer, we can help you to receive maximum compensation. 

Different Kinds of Back Pain 

Most people don’t realize just how complicated back injuries on the job can be. Hopefully, if you do suffer any kind of back injury, your pain is what’s called “acute.” While there’s nothing “cute” about it, it doesn’t last all that long. For the most part, it tends to last between three and six weeks. This kind of pain can take a real toll, but it does end, it doesn’t last. 

Unfortunately, another kind of back pain is called “chronic.” This could go on for much longer. Hopefully wraps up in only a month or even year, but some cases do go on much, much longer. A medical professional can help. 

Back Injury Attorney for You 

No matter your back injury or how you got it at work, we can help. If you were doing your job and suffered a back injury on the job, even if it’s “your fault,” we can help you to receive maximum compensation. We can even help if you already applied for workers’ compensation once and were turned down. We’ve helped so many to be able to appeal and win what they deserve. 

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