Glendale Work Compensation Attorney Can Help Ease Your Suffering Due to Injury While Shipping

In Los Angeles, the shipping industry will always be a large part of its booming economy. Numerous workers who live in the area rely on the ports for their income. Companies that employ these workers take the necessary measures to provide safe working conditions. However, not all dangers can be easily eliminated which results in injury while shipping.  

The kind of equipment and tools utilized most ships use onboard are leading sources of injuries. The changing conditions of the sea, ocean, or river also attribute to the accidents that cause injury while shipping.  Our Glendale work compensation attorney can help ease the burden.

Major Risks Workers Face in the Industry Leading to Injury While Shipping

Workers need awareness of the dangers they will deal with. Some of these hazards are visible while others are not, catching them off guard. 

Enormous Types of Machinery and Massive Containers   

Machines utilized in the ports require a safe operation. It’s dangerous for a worker to operate such heavy equipment without adequate training. This can result in injury while shipping such as getting crushed. Spotters can be a great help to prevent accidents. Workers can wear clothes with bright colors or vest stitched with fluorescent materials.   

Another thing is, are the massive containers which need careful handling. Generally, these are heavy and can kill a worker on the spot when it fell. Even a single fallen container can cause a severe injury while shipping.

Holocausts, Blow-Up, and High Pressure

Mooring lines or cables are usually used to attach a ship at a berth. However, these lines are most of the time, under great pressure. It’s possible to break which can cause injury while shipping. It can project and hit people around it leading to death or devastating amputation. 

Moreover, workers are also vulnerable to electrocution and explosion. Deadly holocausts are also present caused by many factors. This includes the type of materials in the shipment such as coal or chemicals. 

Workers may also suffer from thermal burns from contact with hot fluids or objects in the scullery. They can also suffer an injury while shipping when they become in contact with AC or DC current. These poor workers are likewise prone to electrical shock or electrocution.

Injury while shipping

Slips, Tumble, and Fall

Slips, tumble, and falls are some of the most common accidents that workers experience in the shipping industry. This is due to moving and uneven decks and slippery and wet stairways. 

A fall from the deck can cause back or spine injuries, traumatic brain injury, fractures, and more. Falling from a vessel, on the other hand, leads to drowning, hypothermia, or near-drowning. Also, a worker can be possibly bitten or eaten by a shark. Furthermore, collision, grounding, or sinking ships can result in a serious injury while shipping.

Environmental Circumstances

Workers need to deal with the dangers of sunburn all year-round even in cloudy weather. Storms accompanied by a lightning present risks of getting electrified and sliding on a wet surface.

Snow can be a delightful sight, however, is equally dangerous for workers. Too much snow can create a slippery road. Moreover, it can create zero visibility. This makes it hard for crane and forklift operators to see the road properly. This kind of weather can also cause severe injury while shipping. 

Exposure to Chemicals and Other Materials

Working in the shipping industry always has the risk of exposure to chemicals and other materials. For example, there are times that ship manufacturers use asbestos. Exposed workers may become susceptible to mesothelioma. 

On the other hand, workers are at risk of inhaling fumigants like methyl bromide. They need to open shipping containers for inspection.  

Moving, Swaying, and Falling Objects

Derricks and cranes load and offload materials from cargo ships. Negligence or a malfunctioning machine can cause an injury while shipping. Moving, swaying, and falling objects can seriously harm those from below. This accident usually occurs due to poor maintenance, insufficient training, or inappropriate personnel supervision.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

A shipping vessel needs to have a proper ventilation for workers who work in enclosed spaces and cargo areas. Without it, air carbon dioxide buildup can contaminate the air. Besides, the air will become oxygen-deficient, flammable, or filled with explosive vapor or toxic gases. Moreover, it would be hard to rescue workers in case of fire or explosion resulting to injury while shipping.

What You Should Do After Suffering an Injury While Shipping?

Workers who incurred an injury while shipping needs the service of an experienced personal injury lawyer. This is necessary especially when it’s the employer’s negligence that caused your injury while shipping. 

At the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, we don’t just handle the case. It’s our commitment to helping people in the best way that we can. We prioritize the securing of your benefits and compensation. You’ll need this for recovering from a work-related injury

Call us now at (818) 975-3080 for a free case evaluation. You can also visit our website.  Allow us to help you ease the burden of the injury while shipping has caused you and your family.

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