Get Compensation for Your Carpal Tunnel Injuries

The repetitive nature of the modern workplace means that many people are struggling with cumulative injuries that increase in pain over time. One of the most serious of these is Carpal Tunnel injuries, familiar to everyone as the original basis upon which repetitive injury claims were made. This type of problem is well-known to people who work in the industry, and many will point to this as the type of injury that they expect to develop from regularly working with keyboards or with hand tools held in the same position every day. It is also a condition that can trigger compensation benefits, so if you suffer pain in your wrist from repetitive actions, you should learn more about this condition and what you can claim.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Also known as CTS or simply ‘carpal tunnel’, this injury is caused by damage to one of the nerves in the wrist. The carpal tunnel itself is a small gap between the bones of the wrist which is occupied by ligaments. The transverse carpal ligament goes over the top of the bones and covers the median nerve, which is in the middle of the gap. Damage to the surrounding tissues puts pressure on this nerve at the point of the carpal tunnel, resulting in numbness and pain that makes working difficult.

Your Carpal Tunnel Injuries

What Sort Of Compensation Claim Is Possible?

If you are seeking help with this condition, then you will be suffering from what doctors describe as an occupational disease. It is also considered to be this when you are making a workers’ compensation claim. These are conditions which are developed in the course of your required work by performing repeated movements on a daily basis. Affected occupations may include factory line workers, professional drivers such as truckers, craftsmen, computer entry workers, and even musicians.

Making Your Compensation Claim

If you are sure that your Carpal Tunnel injuries have been caused by your workplace, you have the right to claim compensation. This will include cover for medical and physiotherapy bills, 2/3 of lost wages and any expenses relating to the injury. The claim begins when you inform your employer that you are injured, and you have 30 days to complete that claim. If you need assistance, then you should seek help from a team of professionals. Oktanyan Der-Grigorian law group are experienced workers’ compensation claim attorneys, and we can assist you with your claim. Call us at (818) 230-2428 today.

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