How to Get Compensation for Toxic Exposure in the Workplace?

Several industries are now using different chemicals that can intoxicate and cause workers injuries and illnesses. The effects of chemical exposure can be instant or affect the body slowly, leading to serious health complications. If you’re a worker who suffers from illnesses due to toxic chemical exposure, you are eligible to file for workers’ compensation. Speak with a reliable toxic exposure Los Angeles attorney to help process your claim without delay and discrimination and ensure that you’ll get fair compensation.

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Workplace Toxic Chemical Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals can develop illnesses, injury, or sudden death, depending on the type of chemical. It accesses the body by the air you breathe or by skin contact.

With the introduction of hundreds of new chemicals, PELs can only check a few of them. It puts workers at serious risk when exposed to various toxic chemicals. 

The Occupational Safety and  Health Administration (OSHA) data notes that around 650,000 chemical products exist in workplaces in the United States. The regulatory agency sets permissible exposure limits  (PELs) on the amount or chemical concentration in the air to safeguard workers from the adverse effects of chemical exposure.

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard makes employers responsible for distinguishing and citing dangerous chemicals and risks of exposure in the workplace. At the same time, workers need to partake in OSHA training and education systems that employers offer. It will guide and help employees protect themselves from the dangers.

Employers are responsible to:

  • Train their employees to detect toxic chemical exposure 
  • Provide visual information regarding  safety standards and regulations
  • Inform employees of the rules and circumstances of being unprotected from toxic chemicals
  • Train their employees on using protective gear and observing emergency procedures
  • Deliver an OSHA certified chemical hygiene strategy to ensure protocols are minded if workers come to contact with toxic materials
  • Supply safety materials to ensure employees have the accurate equipment to use with their task 

If your company or employer breaches OSHA’s safe workplace regulations and someone becomes hurt or injured, the employee may file workers’ compensation.

Toxic Exposure Los Angeles Attorney: Common Chemicals Used in  the Workplace

Most companies nowadays are using more and more chemicals, especially during the pandemic. Some of the most common toxic chemicals used are:


Asbestos is a chemical generally found in several workplaces because of its extensive use as an insulator. The dust form induces the most harm, which can develop painful skin rashes or an itching sensation at first contact. 

Long-term contact, on the other hand, can result in ling conditions called mesothelioma and asbestosis. An employee may develop lung cancer over time from exposure to different toxic chemicals. 


Mercury is always used in light bulbs, heating, thermostats, and air conditioning equipment, to name a few. Prolonged exposure to fumes or skin contact may cause kidney failure, loss of memory, and other long-term health conditions. Additionally, exposure to this dangerous chemical can cause:

  • Damaged skin
  • Organ disorders
  • Eye damage
  • Reproductive system damage
  • Nervous system damage
  • Death


It’s a chemical usually found in gas stations, oil refineries, and other places controlled by the petrol industry. Moreover, paint also contains this substance, which means that commercial, residential, and industrial establishments are at risk of benzene exposure. Prolonged exposure can cause headaches, skin rashes, nausea, and anemia.  


Lead can also be found in paint used in various workplaces, industries, and lead pipes. This chemical can cause neurological and organ conditions. Short-term effects include hallucinations, memory loss, delirium, and insomnia. 

Getting Compensation for Workplace Toxic Exposure 

As a worker, the health condition you may develop and endure over time due to toxic chemical exposure can also lead to death. It’s just right that you get compensation to pay your medical bills and other expenses to help you recover and return to work.

Filing workers’ compensation, like any claim, is a complex procedure that requires patience, perseverance, and knowledge of the law. You may require the help of a skilled and expert toxic exposure Los Angeles attorney.

You need someone to protect your rights and ensure that your employer will process your workers’ compensation without delay and discrimination. Besides, your attorney will help you prepare and gather essential documents.

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