How to Efficiently Recover Damages from a Spine Injury?

A work-related spine injury is usually incapacitating. If the injury is distressing, as a victim, you might need to cope with surgery and rehabilitation. At the same time, you will have to deal with dysfunctions, chronic pain, and sweeping medical expenses. A reliable spine injury Los Angeles attorney can help you efficiently recover damages from your spinal cord injury.

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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) and Its Complications

Spinal cord injuries have two major types – complete and incomplete. In a complete spinal cord injury, the nerves underneath the point of injury can no longer transmit messages to the brain. Such a situation results in paralysis below the area of the injury.

Incomplete injury, on the other hand, means that a few nerve signals can reach the brain from the spinal cord, even if it’s below the point of injury. The injured victim may still have sensations and can move. However, the degree of movement greatly differs among people with SCI. Most possible complications include:

Anterior Cord Syndrome

This specifies damage to the spinal cord’s anterior. It usually develops in debilitated movement, stimulation, pain, and feverish sensations beneath the injury.

Central Cord Syndrome

This complication occurs when the spinal cord’s middle part receives damage. The usual outcome of central cord syndrome is arms inaction. However, the legs can still be used.

Posterior Cord Syndrome

This syndrome shows that the spinal cord’s back suffers damage, which could lead to poor control or synchronization. 

Brown-Sequard Syndrome

This syndrome indicates that only one side of the spinal cord sustains damage. The victim will notice that one side of his body still has a sensation but can no longer move. The other side of the body, on the other hand, no longer feels sensation but can still move. 

Doctors conducting the physical examination will identify the location of the spine based on the symptom’s characteristic pattern. The injury lies in one or more of the five sections that constitute the spinal cord’s anatomy. These are Cervical (neck), Thoracic (chest), Lumbar (lower back), Sacral (pelvis), or Coccygeal (tailbone). According to which of the sections the spinal injury occurred, different kinds of paralysis can transpire. 

Damage to the Central Nervous System

Both the brain and backbone comprise the central nervous system. This is where bundles of delicate nerves carry information to the entire body. The spinal column consists of 24 bones that enable movement and cushion the nerves from damage. When the ligaments, discs and vertebrae suffer injury, the affliction at times is long-lasting.  

Most damages are the outcomes of varied factors, involving:


This is a condition in which an injured victim lost function and sensitivity in one or more body parts. It also promotes decreased motor function and reflex. When not treated, even a slight spinal injury can become distressing in the passing days, weeks, or months. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, paralysis is usually caused by catastrophic trauma or deterioration of the spinal column.

Spinal Cord Compression

Repetitive tasks, such as pulling, lifting, and pushing can put a strain on the spinal cord, causing swelling and narrowing. Compression on the spinal cord can develop major issues, including serious pain, deadening sensation, and partial paralysis.

Herniated Discs

The disc may swell and protrude when damaged due to a severe blow or strike. The lengthy pressure can herniate the disc. This causes significant complications, including reduced sensation, prickling, and numbness. 

The victim himself not only suffers physically but also emotionally, and financially. Getting help from a spine injury Los Angeles attorney can help you efficiently recover damages from your spinal cord injury.

Spine Injury Los Angeles Attorney: What Compensation Can You Recover for Your Spine Injury?

Establishing Liability in a Spine Injury Case

A skilled spine injury Los Angeles attorney can identify who is at fault in an SCI case. He can investigate and research the facts of what transpired in the accident to reveal the possible evidence of liability. 

You need to prove your personal injury claim to acquire compensation following a spinal cord injury. As a victim, you have to show that your spine injury happened as a direct and immediate outcome of someone else’s negligence.

Initially, you have to verify the accident’s cause and provide evidence that your spine injury was due to someone who breached his duty of care. It includes property, land, or business owners, companies that sell faulty products, and reckless drivers, to name a few.

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