Cover The Costs of Carpal Tunnel Injuries Treatment

Carpal tunnel injuries have been a recognized work-related condition for many decades now, and yet people are still surprised that they are able to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering from their employers. Whatever the cause of your carpal tunnel injuries, from regular office work to working on a production line, you should be able to file a claim for your condition and receive compensation from your employer’s insurance company. In order to make sure that you are able to receive for compensation for your suffering, you may need to consult with a team of lawyers who specialize in cumulative injuries related to workplace occupation. Talk to ODG Law Group today about the claim you have against your employer.

carpal tunnel injuries

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There is more than one type of carpal tunnel injury, but by far the most familiar is the Syndrome which has increased awareness of repetitive strain injuries. The syndrome is caused by repeated movements involving the hand and wrist, and is caused when the tissues of the wrist become inflamed. The carpal tunnel is an area in the wrist, a sort of tube which allows muscles and tissues to move up and down in the wrist. When the tissues become inflamed, they are no longer able to fit into the tube without pressure, and this causes pain and misery to the worker. The carpal tunnel injury is similar to other bone-tunnel related problems, such as trigger finger, and like them may need medical treatment and even an operation in order to resolve the issue. You will need to see several doctors in order to have your injury assessed.

Do You Need Compensation?

The role that compensation will play in treating this injury will depend very much upon whether you require medical treatment, including being operated upon, and whether you require any time away from work in order to complete your recovery. Clearly, if your job is causing you to have this condition, you will not be able to continue to perform your role, and may need to be shifted to another position, or take on other roles within the company. This can cause some mental suffering, and you may have to take a job which pays less well, leaving you without your usual income. All of your financial costs, including medical bills and time away from work, could need to be compensated by your employer and their insurance company.

Seek Help From The Experts

When you need help with medical expenses, and want to cover the bills that come with treatment and physical therapy, you will need to file a claim with your employer. Whatever the long-term outcome of your carpal tunnel injuries, you will need assistance with making a claim from your company’s insurers. To make sure that you get the right deal from them, and to meet your own needs, you should talk to the experts in work-related cumulative trauma. Reach out to ODG Law Group today by sending us a message online, or by calling us at (818) 975-3080 now.

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