Carpal Tunnel Workplace Injuries: Is it Possible to File a Claim?

As an employee or a worker who often uses your hands while working is one of those often prone to carpal tunnel workplace injuries. If you developed or suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS, you can benefit from the workers’ compensation. The privileges you might have may include remuneration for lost earnings and temporary or permanent handicap. Additionally, it may also cover medical care and occupation dismissal benefits.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The most common recurrent motion injury in terms of workers’ compensation is CTS. It usually develops following the squeezing of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. Even if risk factors are already distinguished, the definite underlying diagnosis still remains unclear. The wrist’s habitual motion can cause the median nerve to swell. The following can trigger  the swelling:

  • Position of the hands while typing on a keyboard or using a mouse
  • Prolonged and repeated use of power tools that vibrate
  • Other recurrent movements of the wrists

When you suffer from carpal tunnel injuries, you’ll feel tiredness, insensitivity, and painful hand and wrist. Your grip becomes weak, unable to grasp, and often times drop objects. Moreover, you’ll gradually feel periodic burning, stinging, prickling, or lack of sensation in the palm and fingers. These fingers include the thumb, index, middle, and the ring finger excluding the pinkie.  

If CTS continuous to persist, carpal tunnel injuries can become a cumulative trauma. This type of injury is the significant wear and tear on tendons, nerve tissues, and muscles. It occurs because of the repetitious movement for a long period of time. 

Women are more prone to CTS and possibly develop the condition three times than men. It could be due that a female’s carpal tunnel is slimmer for the median nerve to go through. It’s the reason why more females are susceptible to the syndrome. 

carpal tunnel workplace injuries

Carpal Tunnel Workplace Injuries: How Carpal Tunnel Injuries Become Rated for Disability Level

The workers’ compensation system in California uses the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. According to AMA Guides, the analysis rates the retardation of sensation that proceeds along the median nerve. Additionally, it evaluates the depletion of the hand’s strength and ability to move. The force of the grip, on the other hand, isn’t recommendable to use for rating CTS. 

Treatment for carpal tunnel injuries includes medication, splinting, and stop doing painful activities. Also, you might undergo carpal tunnel release operation if necessary.

Most Common Jobs that are More Susceptible to CTS

There are certain jobs that cause or trigger carpal tunnel injuries. Below are some of a few:

Keyboarding Occupation

Those who work on a computer are likely to develop carpal tunnel injuries. Repetitive typing and hovering of the mouse can compress the median nerve. It can cause irritation or inflammation to the nerve making your wrist and hand and painful. 

Assembly Line Work

Workers assigned to do assemble line work are also vulnerable to CTS. They usually put together different parts of a product over and over again using their hands. 

Construction Work 

In this type of job, power tools are usually used aside from machinery. When you’re regularly or oftentimes exposed to hand-arm vibration, you’re also likely to develop CTS.

Carpal Tunnel Workplace Injuries: Seeking Carpal Tunnel Injuries Claim 

The precise stimulator of carpal tunnel injuries is yet unknown. It’s up to the injured employee to describe the nature of his work and activities. Doing so might determine the cause of hand and wrist conditions. Additionally, you‘ll necessitate a specialist to have the right treatment.

You have every reason to seek carpal tunnel injuries claim if your work demands repetitious movement or activities. This is also applicable when you experienced CTS disorders. This type of injury might take months or even years to unfold. You won’t feel the CTS symptoms until you leave work that may have caused the problem.

 If you suffered from carpal tunnel injuries and didn’t recover completely, you have to understand the AMA Guides. It’s for you to acquire a total value for the indefinite consequences of your carpal tunnel injuries. 

As most states acknowledge CTS as a remunerative medical injury, you may need the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer. The Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group will provide you with the legal help you need regarding your claim. For more than nine years, we have devoted ourselves to emphasize and safeguard our client’s physical, inner, and economic well-being. 

Our prime concern is to secure the grants and settlement you should have for recovery from carpal tunnel workplace injuries. We’ll guide you and represent you for making justified decisions and choose decisive action. 

Let us help you win your case and get the benefits you deserve. You don’t have to pay us outright as we work on a contingency basis. You can reach us at (818) 975-3080. Call now and we’ll provide you with a free case evaluation.

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