Agriculture Workers’ Injury Lawyer: Who to Call for Help?

Agriculture continues to be one of America’s earliest and most important industries. Yet, it’s also one of the riskiest where agricultural workers face severe injuries, illnesses, or death. In cases such as these, agriculture workers’ injury lawyers are necessary to help them recover the damages they incurred.  Exhaustion, deficiently-designed tools, and exposure to harsh weather conditions are some of the reasons for agriculture workers’ injuries. Farmworkers need someone to help them with their claim in case they experience injuries while working. An agriculture workers’ injury lawyer can be by their side to help them secure a workers’ compensation.

Agriculture Workers’ Injury Lawyer: Most Prevalent Agricultural Accidents

Working on the farm is a difficult occupation. Every year, several agricultural workers experience injuries while working in the fields. Not all states stipulate agricultural employers to uphold workers’ compensation insurance. However, in California, the state mandates this to cover agriculture workers’ injuries. 

The death and injury rate among Californian farmers is enormous. Since 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has been able to record almost 36,000 agriculture workers’ injuries. Those farmworkers comprise around 8.3% of all workplace death toll throughout various industries. 

The nature of farm work is physically painstaking which makes agriculture workers’ injuries and death rates high. It is why California employers need to have workers’ compensation insurance to safeguard their farmworkers. Also, injured farmworkers can find the best agricultural workers’ injury lawyer of their choice.

Below are the most prevalent farming accidents leading to agriculture workers’ injuries or fatalities.

agriculture workers injury lawyer

Overturned Tractors and Heavy Farm Equipment

Tractors and other types of farm machinery are naturally heavy and cumbersome to operate. Overturned tractors are the most prevalent cause of agriculture workers’ injuries or even death. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 44% of all farming mischances involve some sort of a tractor rolling over.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals and Other Harmful Substances

Agriculture workers’ injuries also include exposure to toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. Extensive use of certain pesticides can develop breathing conditions, skin rashes, and the so-called “farmer’s lung.”It is an allergic reaction to moldy crop dust that causes difficulty in breathing. If left untreated, it can develop into permanent lung deterioration and death.

Animal-Related Injuries

It may not be always but there are some cases where agriculture workers’ injuries involve animals. Some of these animal-related injuries include animal attacks and animal bites from snakes and bees. 

Heat Trauma

Working under the scorching heat of the sun for long periods can cause heat trauma. You’ll experience loss of balance, dehydration, heatstroke, heart conditions, and heat throbs. Older workers are the ones usually affected and may need immediate medical attention.  

Deprivation of Oxygen or Asphyxiation

Numerous agricultural accidents are also connected with deprivation of oxygen or asphyxiation causing agriculture workers’ injuries. Workers who work in poor-ventilated farming buildings are susceptible to develop this lung condition due to lack of oxygen. 

Broken Limbs in Farming Equipment

Getting your limbs broken caused by hefty farming equipment is another tremendous agriculture workers’ injuries. It’s not only the limbs but your fingers and other extremities may entangle in the different parts of the machinery. 

Slips or Falls

Farmworkers also need to climb high elevations to fulfill their duties. Sad to say that slips and falls are possible and can leave them with broken or fractured bones. It can also include traumatic brain injuries and other severe damages to their bodies.

Distinguishing Who’s Responsible for Agriculture Workers’ Injuries

Identifying the one responsible for agriculture workers’ injuries is a complicated task. It’s because farming is mostly organized by a division of work. It only means that there are several people involved in different farming activities including the various equipment used. Anyone or anything of these may be held accountable. An agriculture workers’ injury lawyer can help figure out what or who is held liable.  

Moreover, safety proceedings on several farms are poorly manifested. This will make it hard to identify if it was really an accident or negligence on the part of the farm owner himself. It’s another important reason why you need to hire an expert agriculture workers’ injury lawyer to take on your case.  

A Trustworthy Agriculture Workers’ Injury Lawyer You Can Count On

Most often than not, it takes a great effort to bring a claim forward for workers’ compensation without legal assistance. If you suffered an injury while working in the farm, there will always be a dependable agriculture workers’ injury lawyer to call for help.

We, at the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, can help with your claim. We’ll provide you with the right assistance necessary to pursue and win your case. You’ll feel comfortable working with our compassionate and hardworking team of lawyers.

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