A Work Injury Attorney that Understands Work

You want to work. You want to do your best, do right by your employer, your family, and everyone else. There are actually very, very few “malingerers” – people who would overemphasize their at-work injuries to try and receive compensation. The truth is that most people who are hurt working on the job are often injured worse than they might know. ODG Law Firm’s work injury attorney, we can help folks who’ve been injured on the job to get the compensation that they deserve. 

A Work Injury Attorney for Workers 

Too many folks don’t realize that if you get hurt while doing your job, you can get workers’ compensation. That’s not something we’re just telling you, or something that we hope happens, it’s the literal truth. In California, so long as you’re hurt in the course of doing your job, you can receive worker’s compensation. 

You’ll note we didn’t say “most times” or “often” or some other kind of equivocating word. No, we said that as long as you’re doing your job and you get hurt while doing so, you can receive workers’ compensation to pay for your medical bills, rehabilitation and more. 

Often, when people hear this, they try to think of a circumstance where some kind of at-work injury may have taken place which wouldn’t be covered by worker’s compensation. As long as you got injured in the course of doing your job, then you can receive compensation. For example, say you’re at work, and an ex shows up and fights with you, causing you to be injured. That would probably not be covered by worker’s compensation. While it did happen at work, it wasn’t something that necessarily happened in the course of doing your job. 

By that same token, if you’re away from your worksite but still working, then you could qualify. If you’re in a car accident while delivering something, or on some work errand, then you probably would qualify for workers’ compensation. The fact that there are so many different kinds of situations are why it’s that important to get a worker’s compensation attorney you can trust. 

A Work Injury Attorney that Understands Work

You Can Get Workers Compensation Even if You’ve Been Rejected

The moment you get your worker’s compensation rejected is a dark one. You’ve been injured through the course of doing your job. You have bills piling up, you’re trying to do your job to the best of your ability or maybe you just aren’t able to work right now. Then, the money that was supposed to help just hasn’t come through. It can seem like there’s nothing you can do, no option available to you. Fortunately, that’s not the case. 

Over the years, we’ve helped plenty of people to get the worker’s compensation they deserve even if they’ve been rejected once. The truth is that, unfortunately, many workers’ compensation claims aren’t rejected for any particular reason, they’re just rejected. They’re valid, they shouldn’t have been rejected, but sometimes they are anyway. Of course, when that happens, it becomes all the more important that you have an appeal laid out by professionals. In cases like these, there’s literally no time to waste. We can help you to put together the kind of appeal that can get you what you need. 

Work Injury Attorney: Workers Comp for Working People 

At the ODG Law Group, we understand what work means. We know that you work for yourself, sure, but you’re working for the people in your life that depend on you. Family is everything. When you can’t work, or when you’re hurt on the job and bills are getting stacked high, you want to do everything right so that you can give your family what they need. 

Our firm is a family, too. Literally. This is a sister-owned law firm. We know what it’s like to fight for families, because we do it every day – alongside family. There are always dangers associated with work. During a pandemic, they can become that much more pronounced. For essential workers who still have to go out there (as well as everyone else working) it’s important that, when you do get hurt, you get the kind of representation that can help. You can call us for a free consultation at (818) 975-3080.

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