A Comprehensive Guide in Choosing The Best Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Near Me

Life will never be the same for a person suffering from a brain injury. It is even more traumatizing and devastating when the accident caused the injury was because of another person’s negligence. Due to the damages and losses, the road to recovery may be challenging and difficult. The good news is, if you or your loved one sustained a brain injury, there is indeed no need for you to go through the complex process alone. Hiring the best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me can make a lot of difference. Somehow, it lightens your load, and it gives hope to what may seem a hopeless case for you.

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group’s traumatic brain injury lawyers have been known to achieve countless success track records in helping victims who suffered traumatic brain injuries. These victims filed claims against negligent drivers, medical practitioners, and trucking companies to receive the just compensation needed for the damages, including medical expenses and income loss. 

ODG Law Group is proud to include brain injury law as one of its best practice areas to provide quality legal assistance to those in need. The traumatic brain injury lawyer near me, from ODG Law Group, truly understands the extent of loss, trauma, and anxiety brought by the brain injury. It certainly affects not just the victim’s financial aspect, but significantly the emotional and mental aspects. Thus, it affects the victim’s quality of life. ODG Law Group believes in helping brain injury victims to take that first step towards recovery. 

best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me

5 Facts About Brain Injury Litigation 

Handling a traumatic brain injury case may be complicated as there many aspects to be considered. Yet, once you hire the experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer near me, you will be exposed to the reality of brain injury litigation. It is vital to know more about this case to have a comprehensive understanding of how it works. 

ODG Law Group ensures that traumatic brain injury victims will be walked through the entire legal process. They walk hand-in-hand with you. To know more about filing a traumatic brain injury claim, here are five facts you need to know about brain injury litigation. 

Filing a traumatic brain injury case is difficult. 

One of the most challenging parts in the process is proving to insurance companies your brain injury. Unless you have strong evidence that could either be an MRI or CT scan, they can assume that you are faking your injuries or suffering from psychological problems even before the accident occurred. Thus, the first thing to do is to ensure and prove your injuries, as it serves as the foundation of your traumatic brain injury case. The complicated part is, some victims experience the symptoms hours, weeks, or even months after the accident. Therefore, if you wish to pursue a traumatic brain injury claim, you need to open up your story from life history to medical examination. Oftentimes, psychological and psychiatric records need to be shown. During the process, an experienced traumatic brain injury near me can help you overcome this.

The recovery for traumatic brain injury victims can be slow. 

The road to recovery for traumatic brain injury victims could be a slow process. The victims face difficulties in living a normal life after being diagnosed. Most of them experience a lack of self-awareness, where they find it difficult to recognize their life’s limitations and changes. During these times, the observations of the victim’s family and loved ones is vital. It is best to express these observations to medical doctors. Moreover, the traumatic brain injury victims are confronted with problems in socializing and handling life demands. The rehabilitation process should never be taken for granted, as it greatly helps in the victims’ recovery process. Aside from these, the victim’s cognitive and motor aspects could be affected during the first year after the trauma, and these could continue to the following years.  

Apply for social security disability once needed. 

For victims with moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries, the victim’s family or loved ones should consider applying for social security disability as soon as possible. Once the victim recovers from brain injury, the benefits from social security can be stopped. However, it is vital to note that the system is always packed up. So, if you need medical funding, you have to apply as soon as possible. You can ask more about the social security disability benefits with the experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer near me. 

Injuries involving the frontal lobe can be quite devastating. 

The most vulnerable brain part to injury is the frontal lobe. It is considered to be the most advanced brain part. Thus, once this is affected, the traumatic brain injury victims could experience disinhibition, leading to addiction problems, violence, or socialization problems. However, some neurologists or neurosurgeons often overlook frontal lobe injuries because they believe they are okay when observing that the victims can walk or talk. The truth is, frontal lobe injuries can be subtle, and at the same time, devastating. 

Ensure to obtain quality medical help for brain injury.

The truth behind some health care facilities connected with traumatic brain injury cases is, they could still fall short of their medical duties. Some medical professionals do not necessarily look further once normal MRI, and CT scan results are shown. There are several latest research and innovations to check the brain and its functions closely. Thus, it is essential to choose a facility with advanced knowledge regarding brain injury. You deserve to experience medical care from competent facilities and professionals. 

How Can The Best Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Near Me Help? 

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group is committed to providing the needed help of traumatic brain injury victims since 2011. It is a family-owned firm that treats clients like their own family, as they ensure to provide emotional and mental support above all else. ODG Law Group is the best law firm in hiring an experienced, competent, and compassionate traumatic brain injury lawyer near me. What are you waiting for? If you have traumatic brain injury-related cases, Contact ODG Law Group at (818) 975-3080

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