Will California Workers’ Compensation Cover Chemical Burn Injuries in the Workplace?

General burn safety is an integral component of workplace safety. Any worker or employee who sustained serious burn injuries can testify to the level of pain, excruciating recovery process, and economic burden that workplace chemical burn injuries can cause. Suffering from a chemical burn injury is hard to bear — physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s even harder to bear if you’re the breadwinner in the family and they depend on you financially. You may be eligible to file workers’ compensation to alleviate your monetary issues. To ensure that you’re doing it right and will file it within the specified period contact ODG Law. Call (818) 975-3080 for a free consultation even if you’re not hiring one of our experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys.

Experienced Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys: What is Chemical Burn?

Chemical burn isn’t a new workplace injury and is a frequent incident in the workplace. It occurs when the skin makes contact with an acrid substance. This includes lye, paint thinner, gasoline, alkalis, and acids to name a few. 

The result is usually a sunburned effect, associated with redness and sensitivity that occurs within minutes or hours after skin contact. Sometimes, the physical effects can be extreme and indicate symptoms as well as devastating injuries caused by explosions or fire.

When chemical burns happened in the workplace, the employer may be liable for his or her employee’s injuries, which could result in financial damages. So if you sustain injuries, such as chemical burns, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Speak with a well-versed Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney to review your case. 

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Chemical, Acid Burns, and Irritants in the Workplace

Also known as caustic burns, chemical burns are a kind of injury due to contact with a chemical or corrosive substance. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a total of 16, 550 work-related non-fatal burns that occurred in 2020. Injuries related to chemical burns are 3,540. Chemicals that cause burns include phosphoric acid, white phosphorus, battery acid, and concrete mix among others.

Chemicals that have a lower pH level can cause acid burns and external injuries. Alkali burns, on the other hand, are due to alkali solutions and can cause wide-ranging damage to both internal and external organs.

Acid burns occur because of exposure to chemicals such as nitric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, chromic acids, acetic, and sulfurous acids. These are usually found in glass polish and nail polish remover to name a few.

Meanwhile, irritants are substances containing a neutral pH level, which normally cause only irritation and not damage. An example of an irritant is pepper spray. Body parts that are generally vulnerable to burn injuries are the face, eyes, hands, nose, arms, and legs. 

When you became exposed to harmful substances in the workplace, it may affect your performance, which could result in missing work or might even prevent you from going to work. Worse is, if the injured employee dies from his injury because of chemical burns. If this happens, talk to an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer so you’ll have an idea of what to do.

Prolonged Chemical Exposure  

It’s uncommon for chemical burns or exposures to show up instantly. Some develop and occur due to prolonged chemical exposure to particular harmful substances. Such exposure may lead to extreme and permanent damage. 

When you sustain injuries from prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals such as coatings, adhesives, and other similar products, you become a candidate for developing conditions, including asthma, contact dermatitis, allergies, and contact dermatitis. You may also need to seek immediate medical care if you suffer one or more of the following:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Dermabrasion
  • Plastic surgery
  • Dermabrasion
  • Derma planning

Some workers’ compensation claims, especially for prolonged chemical exposure or cosmetic treatments might be difficult to prove. ODG Law’s experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer can help you prove it. 

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Chemical Burns?

Symptoms of chemical burns come in different forms. These are:

  • Blisters or dark dead skin in the affected body parts
  • Redness, pain, numbness, and/or burning in the affected area
  • Concerns with vision (if the chemical gets into the worker’s eyes)

It’s worth noting that a chemical burn that appears small and minor might have caused the tissues severe damage. That’s why it’s vital to seek medical attention if you’re unsure of the extent of your injury. Also, don’t forget to speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at ODG Law to know the best thing to do and to come up with a better decision.

What to Do if You Suffer Chemical Burns in the Workplace?

After the incident, seek medical first aid to reduce inflammation and pain. Inform your employer about your injury right away so he could do something about the incident as soon as possible. In case the injury is severe, he needs to provide you with medical care by sending you to the hospital.

When your employer missed following OSHA’s safety guidelines for workplace burn safety, you may have to file a workers’ compensation claim. You could also instigate a personal injury case against the identified liable party.

According to the severity of your burn or injury, you may need to have ongoing medical treatment and quite a few days, weeks, or even months of complete recovery before you can get back to work. Nasty burns can cause extensive damage to deep tissue and can cause lasting pain and impairment that may necessitate therapy and rehabilitation, including work restrictions.

Contact ODG Law for Immediate Help

When you suffer chemical burns in the workplace, you must know the drill. Even if you’re not hiring a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer, it’s best to talk with them about your rights, your rightful compensation, and the steps you need to take to avoid problems when filing workers’ compensation.

We understand how you feel and what you’re going through. That’s why ODG Law is always ready to help. In fact, we can coordinate your medical care if necessary. We can do so much to help you win your battle with the insurance company.

Call (818) 975-3080 and schedule a free evaluation of your case. ODG Law works on a contingency fee basis. 

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