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Have you had a sudden loss of consciousness at work? This can be as brief as a temporary blackout, or it can last minutes or even hours. This condition is one of the most serious, and can have a direct impact on your ability to perform your given role within the company. Not only is it likely that you will need further extensive medical investigation of your condition, but you may discover the cause of your sudden drop in consciousness relates directly to your job. If you have had an incident at work, and believe that your job was directly responsible for this, then you need to seek the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation legal team in order to claim the benefits you are entitled to.

loss of consciousness

Making An Official Record

At the time that you lost consciousness in your company, most companies will have filed an OSHA record. All events that are connected to the workplace and involve blackout or any sort of consciousness loss has to be entered into the record, even if there is no medical follow-up, no restriction of work, and no days away from your job. However, in the event that some of these incidents do occur, that record will form the basis of any compensation claim that you may wish to make against your employer. If your company does not file an OSHA report, then this may make the settlement even easy to get, as they will have the safety team breathing down their neck.

Talking To A Lawyer

As soon as you feel able you need to start talking to a legal team about your situation. They can help you to clarify the details of the incident, and the work-related causes of your problem. For example, they may send somebody to your workplace in order to investigate where you were at the time you lost consciousness, what the conditions were like and whether there was any negligence on the part of your company. If the blackout was as a result of concussion, then further investigations may be explored about lack of safety regulations within the workplace. Not only can this help you to make a claim, but it can also ensure that your colleagues are better protected in the future, so that there is less chance of similar incidents occurring within your company.

Make Your Claim Today

Once you are certain that your loss of consciousness is a work-related injury, you can start to seek out legal options involving compensation benefits. Your company may make you an offer of settlement, but if you are not satisfied with this option then you may choose to take it further. This will mean using a law firm like ODG Law Group to pursue your claim further, negotiating with solicitors and getting them to agree to more substantial payments. If you need help with any type of workers’ compensation claims, then ODG is here to help you. Simply contact us online, or call (818) 975-3080 today.

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