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Workers Compensation Attorneys on Workers Comp Delay California’s Department of Industrial Relations, which administers the state’s workers’ compensation system, is fielding criticism from injured workers and doctors who say getting authorization for medical treatment is unreasonably difficult. According to an NBC Bay Area news report, the director of that department, Christine Baker, has defended the…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles on Tree Trimming Safety On Dec. 1, a worker in Mariposa County was struck by a tree branch and killed. On Dec. 4, a San Bernardino tree trimmer suffocated when dry palm fronds collapsed and trapped him. On Jan. 6 a worker in Los Angeles County fell…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers | Workers Comp Record High 2016

Judge Holding Documents

CA Workers’ Comp Med Reviews Hit Record from Workers Compensation Lawyers The California workers’ compensation system’s independent medical review (IMR) process, which is used to resolve medical disputes, climbed by 6.5 percent in 2016, a new report shows. This is despite the fact that last year, physicians once again upheld about 90 percent of treatment…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers | Unaware of Serious Injuries

Factory Worker

Did you know that factory workers can receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for injuries that develop over a period of time? This type of injury is called a cumulative trauma injury and results from repetitive use of the same body part or parts. Factory workers often suffer from cumulative trauma injuries to their ankle(s), feet, knee(s),…

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Injured on the Job, our Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Help Many people falsely believe that they would only be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they suffered from a specific and distinct injury at work, like a car accident or slip and fall. However, that is not true. One of the most common types of…

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