cumulative trauma injuries in glendale

Help for Cumulative Trauma Injuries in Glendale

“Get it done.” For so many of us at work, that’s our main focus. You can amend the statement however you’d like to your particular job: get it done right, get it done fast, get it done today, get it done by the end of the week, get it done before the boss gets back…

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head trauma in glendale

Head Trauma in Glendale Compensation

Head trauma is one of the most difficult to recover from injuries that a person can suffer. When you suffer a blow or some other kind of injury to the head, the hope is that it’s not severe at all. With luck, you can get up and go right back to your job, through your…

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orthopedic injuries in glendale

Orthopedic Injuries in Glendale: Know Your Rights

A major part of our job as workers compensation attorneys is education. The more educated our clients (and prospective clients) are, the better. The more you know, the better decisions you can make for yourself and your family. That’s part of the reason we write these blogs. We hope that no one is ever hurt…

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Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Can You Claim Compensation For Cumulative Trauma Injuries?

In the modern world, much of the work we do is repetitive, taxing the same muscles and tissues again and again. Press a button, move a mouse, whatever you need to do to get your job finished; the stress of the work can add up to a great deal of cumulative stress. Also known as…

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chemical exposure

Can I Sue for Chemical Exposure at My Workplace?

Chemicals surround us wherever we go, making chemical exposure one of the most difficult legal areas. If you’ve sustained any injury because of a toxic substance, call a chemical exposure . Then, read through this guide to see how realistic your chances to sue are. If you want to reach a chemical exposure legal settlement, prepare…

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