Workplace Shootings in Glendale

What Should You Do if You Witness Workplace Shootings in Glendale?

Sadly, we live in a world today where violence in the workplace is no longer as rare as it once was. It seems like every week when you pick up the newspaper, watch the news on television, or read the news online, that there is another story about workplace violence where people have been injured…

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head trauma in glendale

Contact the Right People if You Suffer Head Trauma in Glendale

Even though society today has become much more aware of the dangers that even a slight blow to the head can cause, there are still situations that may arise in life where you can be at risk. Accidents happen every day, and all it takes is involvement in an auto accident, a slip and fall…

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cumulative trauma injuries in glendale

Treat Cumulative Trauma Injuries in Glendale to Avoid Major Problems

You go to work every day, following the same routine from morning until the end of your workday. You likely perform the same tasks and duties hour after hour, day after day, week after week without much variation. This routine is something you get accustomed to, but one morning, after doing this for months or…

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workers comp lawyer

The Best Reasons to Call a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

When an employee gets hurt while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance is supposed to be there to help. The coverage is in place to help provide you with compensation for your medical bills and expenses and lost wages. However, companies today will go a long way to try to avoid paying what you are…

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workers comp attorney

A Worker’s Comp Attorney Will Deal with Your Employers

Getting hurt on the job can affect you in several ways. First, your injuries may keep you away from work, perhaps for weeks or months, or maybe even permanently. Secondly, you could feel the financial pinch that comes from not getting a regular paycheck combined with the mounting medical bills and expenses you have because…

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