Cumulative Trauma Injuries and How to Deal with Them

cumulative trauma injuries

Cumulative trauma injuries happen for a variety of reasons, most often in the workplace. Unlike other injuries that occur make themselves known almost immediately, such as a fall, this kind of injury builds over time, but is still something you can file a workers’ compensation claim for if you suffer from one. However, it’s always … Read More

How to Make a Compensation Claim for Traumatic Brain Injuries

traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, as their name implies, are a type of trauma that results from a head injury. If you’re at work when this happens, you need to be sure you file a workers’ compensation claim right away so that you can get your medical bills and lost wages covered as you heal and get … Read More

The Implications of Loss of Consciousness

loss of consciousness

Experiencing loss of consciousness due to an injury or accident that isn’t your fault is scary. There are many things to worry about if you’re ever knocked unconscious, especially at work. Understanding what your rights are and what you should do next is a good way to ensure that you recover and are compensated accordingly. … Read More

Signs of Head Trauma to Watch Out for After an Accident

head trauma

Head trauma, as a result of an accident, either a car accident or a job accident, produces some telltale symptoms that tell you medical attention is necessary. Sometimes you may get a bump on the head at work and feel fine, with symptoms not presenting themselves until hours or days later. Because you need to … Read More

Can I Claim Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injuries in Glendale?

traumatic brain injuries in glendale

Traumatic brain injuries in Glendale can change your life, sometimes temporarily and sometimes forever. If the injury was sustained on the job, you are due some compensation, both for your medical bills and your lost wages while you’re out of work. The workers’ compensation process can be tough to get through, so hiring a good … Read More

Types of Injuries Due to Repetitive Job Duties in Glendale

repetitive job duties in glendale

Injuries due to repetitive job duties in Glendale can happen in many industries. The problem is that those injuries can interfere with daily life and even make it impossible for you to continue doing your job. If the injury is due to negligence or carelessness on the part of your employer (and sometimes even if … Read More

Can a Lawyer Help Me With Loss of Consciousness in Glendale?

loss of consciousness in glendale

When you’re looking for a workers’ compensation attorney, it could very well be because you have experienced a loss of consciousness in Glendale. This can happen at work due to an accident or negligence by a colleague or a process/situation at your company. The bottom line is that you have rights and that includes compensation … Read More

Legal Advice for Orthopedic Injuries in Glendale

orthopedic injuries in glendale

Orthopedic injuries in Glendale can occur for various reasons – the result of an accident at work or during a car collision – and those are just a couple examples. This kind of injury affects the muscles as well as the bones and they can also happen due to repetitive motions. If you’ve sustained an … Read More

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