A Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles CA that Understands Family

work injury attorney in los angeles ca

We understand that when you get hurt working on the job, it’s not just you that gets hurt. Sure, it might be you that feels all of the physical pain, but everyone who depends on you suffers, too. Your family, your kids, your partner, anyone who cares for you – they’re right there alongside you … Read More

How We Litigate Checkers at the Grocery Store Injury

Checkers at the Grocery Store Injury

Working specific jobs can put some people at risk of getting injured while at work. For example, many people can experience checkers at the grocery store injury. This entails getting injured while checking and packing the groceries of customers. While it may seem tedious, many individuals actually receive significant injuries while performing grocery duties, impacting … Read More

How We Assist Solar Panel Installers Falling off the Roof

solar panel installers falling off the roof

Solar panel installers have an important job. These individuals are responsible for putting up solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses. As a result, it’s common to hear about solar panel installers falling off the roof. This isn’t a laughing manner. Falling off the roof can lead to several significant injuries, resulting in … Read More

How We Provide Justice for Teacher Injuries from Autistic Kids

Teacher Injuries from Autistic Kids

Have you recently suffered teacher injuries from autistic kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. ODG Law Group is the premier destination for employees to claim their rightful compensation for their work-related injuries. We believe that every employee injured because of their job responsibilities should be duly compensated. When people go to work, … Read More

Injured While Working as a Cashier? We can Help

Injured While Working as a Cashier

These are difficult times everywhere. If you’re still working your job, you probably have to take new concerns into account: coronavirus, social distancing, and more. Many jobs that are still ongoing suddenly became that much more difficult and dangerous. One such job is cashier. In the past, some of the concerns with being a cashier … Read More

Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles: When it Goes Wrong on the Floor

work injury attorney in los angeles

A work injury can occur on any job. Even the safest job, with the most safety-conscious supervisors, managers, owners, employees, and more is at risk of having an at-work injury. You might feel that you work in a plush office, doing an easy job, but an injury can happen practically anywhere at any time. In … Read More

Carpal Tunnel Injury: What it is and What you Can Do

carpal tunnel injury

Of all of the repetitive motion injuries that people suffer on the job, a carpal tunnel injury might be the most common. It makes sense, when you think about it: the people tend to suffer these injuries that spent most of their workdays using their hands, typing on a keyboard, and so forth. These days, … Read More

Orthopedic Injury Attorney: for When the Routine Hurts

orthopedic injury attorney

It’s possible you’re reading this at work. Maybe you’re at your desk, taking a couple minutes break from your job. If you’re like so many people in today’s economy, you probably work at least one (if not multiple) jobs where you perform certain physical tasks over and over again. This makes sense: you’re good at … Read More

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