Amazon Workplace Injuries

ODG Law Group Embarks on Amazon Workplace Injuries

In the United States, Amazon is by far considered the biggest online retailer. However, it also has the biggest number of injured workers. The company boasted of its commitment to provide quality jobs, but the evidence tells otherwise. The rate of Amazon workplace injuries is more than twice the average for the industry.  Amazon had…

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Injured While Delivering

Injured While Delivering: What to Do When it Happens?

In today’s atmosphere, delivery drivers are commonplace. This makes it more likely to be injured while delivering. Delivery injuries are specific, but they aren’t a laughing matter.  That’s because thousands of delivery drivers are injured every day for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the nature of the job isn’t hazardous. Unlike warehouses and manufacturing…

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Delivery Driver Injuries

Delivery Driver Injuries: What to Do Afterwards?

Truck and package delivery drivers are most susceptible to low-back pain. They’re also vulnerable to other work-related injuries, particularly long haul truckers. Because of the job’s nature, numerous truck and package delivery driver injuries are common. This often results in a huge number of truck drivers filing for worker’s compensation. Our worker’s comp attorneys can…

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