job duties in Glendale

Sue For Injuries Due To Repetitive Job Duties In Glendale

Evidence shows that injuries caused by repetitive actions are some of the costliest occupational problems in the US, affecting many thousands of workers in the States, and costing employers more than $20 billion in compensation annually. The majority of occupational repetitive illnesses occur in the upper part of the body, including the hand, wrist, elbow…

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cumulative trauma injuries

Understand Your Rights Regarding Cumulative Trauma Injuries

When you work at the same task again and again for many months or years, you are likely to notice small pains related to this action. Known as cumulative trauma injuries, or repetitive strain injuries, these are caused by the repeated movement and damage caused to your body by repetitive labor. If you perform the…

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a head trauma in Glendale

Seek Injury Compensation From Head Trauma With Our Glendale Lawyers

Head injuries are one of the most serious accidents that can happen in the workplace, and they can sometimes be hard to diagnose immediately after trauma. You only have to look at the NFL, where some former players are suffering from long-term effects of injuries that occurred decades ago, to realize that even a minor…

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workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles

Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles Facts

Our worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles team can help you to get all of the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. We work towards this in a variety of ways. We understand that many may not necessarily realize why they need a worker’s compensation lawyer. Representing you in negotiation and in court is…

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workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles

Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles on Injuries

There are many different kinds of at-work injuries that qualify for worker’s compensation. As a reminder, if you are injured on the job, you qualify for worker’s compensation. If your injury occurred while you were doing your job, then you can receive worker’s compensation. At our workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles site, we have many…

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