carpal tunnel injuries

Receive Workers’ Compensation For Carpal Tunnel Injuries

When you read in the news about workers filing for compensation from their employers, you may think about serious injuries caused by falling, by being hit by materials, or by being exposed to toxic chemicals. However, you may not realize that one of the most common causes of workers’ compensation claims is carpal tunnel syndrome….

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traumatic brain injuries in Glendale

Ease Suffering With Traumatic Brain Injuries Compensation In Glendale

Around one and a half million people face brain injuries every year in the United States. These injuries can be relatively minor, causing only superficial concussions that last a short while, or they can be serious, leading to long-term traumatic brain injuries. For Glendale workers, brain injuries may be a side-effect of their employment, and…

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Full Workers' compensation

You Need Full Workers’ Compensation To Recover From Spine Injuries

When you first experience back pain, you may think nothing of it. You might believe that it is a muscle strain, laying awkwardly in bed or simply a sign of getting older. However, you may have suffered a series of spine injuries as a consequence of your occupation that can result in permanent injuries and…

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workplace shootings

Our Law Firm Can Help You With Workplace Shootings Compensation

Every year, around 1 million workers in the US become the victims of violence while they are at their place of business, an estimated 15% of all violence in the US. Workplace homicide has now become the leading cause of death for retail workers, exceeding vehicle accidents and illness. Those at greatest risk of violence,…

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workplace shootings in Glendale

Get Money You Deserve After Workplace Shootings With Glendale Lawyers

Going to work can be a risky business these days, as evidence shows that there has been a significant spike in workplace homicides, and this is particularly true where there is interaction with the public. Robberies and workplace violence account for more than 500 deaths a year, and robbery related deaths are one of the…

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