compensation for workplace shootings in glendale

Compensation for Workplace Shootings in Glendale

In these blogs, we discuss many different kinds of workplace injuries. Often, we lay out the facts about cumulative trauma injuries, repetitive stress injuries, that kind of thing. These are the injuries that have been a problem at American workplaces for centuries. You can get workers compensation to help you to pay for any medical…

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when cumulative trauma injuries in glendale are denied

When Cumulative Trauma Injuries in Glendale are Denied

Cumulative trauma injuries build over time. One day, you’re doing your job, the same as you have every other day for years. Then, the next day, you suddenly have a sharp, awful pain. This pain keeps you from being able to do your job to the best of your ability, if you’re able to do…

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your first action after a work injury workers comp attorney

Your First Action After a Work Injury

When you have sustained an injury while at work there are certain steps you need to take in the first day to be sure that you are on the right track. One of the things you will want to do if have the injury assessed. A staff member or medical personnel can take a look…

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the top reasons you need a work comp lawyer

The Top Reasons You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer

When you are in a situation that you think may warrant a workers comp lawyer. There are plenty of excuses people lean on to avoid the stress of having to get a lawyer, maybe you feel your employer treats you well and you don’t want to cause issues. You might feel your insurance company a…

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Head Trauma in Glendale Compensation | Orthopedic Injuries Glendale

Head Trauma in Glendale Compensation

Many of the head trauma in Glendale cases that our workers compensation attorneys come across aren’t just head trauma. Often, they include head trauma, but they also include neck trauma, back trauma, spine trauma and many other sources of pain. When one part of your body hurts, your entire health is impacted. This can be especially…

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