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I have been working for a famous hotel in Los Angeles for more than 2.5 years when an accident happened inside the hotel and I had meniscus tear of my right knee and back pain. After I found out the management didn’t care of my situation I decided to get an attorney, so I researched on the computer and I found ODG Law Group. I met with Leanna and she explained how she can help me. Because she was very nice and honest person I signed a contract and she accepted my case. After few years I decided to settle my case and I was happy about it. I also want to thanks to Tina. She is very nice person and every time I contact her she helped me with good manner. Thank you ODG Law Group for your professional work.

They helped me out when no one else would. They took the time to listen and were compassionate and patient. They have a wonderful and supportive staff. I always felt safe and cared for. They helped me reach a satisfactory conclusion to my case.

When I called ODG Law Group, which I found through the internet, I was a broken person. To my surprise Leanna took my call and she knew I was not in good shape. I truly feel God led me to her. She listened to me through my tears and me not knowing what to do.

left my job on stress leave and was so lost. She guided me to follow certain steps and what forms to fill out and so forth. I have never done anything like this and thought I never would. She stood by me every step of the way. I was so impressed because I didn't feel like a number but an actual person. She was the kindest person I could have found for this experience.

If it weren't for Leanna I'm not sure where I would be today. She sought out treatment for me which was so helpful. Long story short we won our case. I would have never known what process to take without her. She told me I was not wrong and the abuse I endeared through my employment with the company I worked for was legitimate.

When a person is legitimately going through stress it really damages your self-esteem and mine was shot. I don't know what I would have done without Leanna. Any time I called she was available for me. Tina her assistant was a blessing, I would call Tina on updates and she was right there with information if not then within an hour of the phone call.

I cannot express enough that if you are going through stressful times with your job this team is the one to call. I will forever be greatful for them. Thank you so much Leanna and Tina you both are truly blessings.

I contacted ODG Law Group after an accident at work which resulted in a head and shoulder injury.

They were highly recommended and after working with their professional staff I know why.

Their approach to detail is exceptional and communication skills unsurpassed. All my concerns were dealt with extreme care and explained to me in detail using plain English and not the usual "lawyer language."

The result of our case was beyond my expectations. A great credit to them because never did they give me the impression of false promises, only real ones.

I cannot thank them enough for making this experience, my first as pain free and stress less.

I would highly recommend ODG Law Group to anyone with a workers' compensation case.

ODG Law Group was really amazing and so good to me. They were very friendly and I am happy with the outcome of my case. They were very professional and I would refer them to anyone!

I was working at Mc Donald's and I hurt my back. When I tried to get help from my supervisor they really gave me a hard time. I saw a company doctor he sent me back to work but I could not use my back. Well my supervisor still had me doing things that required to use my back and I was in a lot of pain. I finally needed help so I contacted the ODG law group. They were really helpful they took care of everything and always took my calls. Omar my case manager was always checking in with me and helped me with my case. I would recommend this law office to anyone who needs help with their workers compensation case. They really know what they are doing and will help you along the way.

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